My Chauffeur 1986

My Chauffeur 1986

Directed by: David Beaird

Actors: Deborah Foreman, Sam J. Jones, Sean McClory

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Min chauffør, Mi chófer, Limusiinipimu, Zűrös sofőr, È il mio chauffeur… e io la sposo, Mój szofer, My Chauffeur: Licensed to Love, O Meu Chauffeur, Moja lepa soferka, My Chauffeur – Mit Vollgas ins Ehebett

Description: I gotta be honest here. This movie is bad. As a comedy, it’s not that funny, and as a romance, there’s almost zero chemistry between the two leads. So why do I love it? That’s an easy one: Deborah Foreman. She’s so unbelievably easy on the eyes in this flick with her unique style of dress and girl-next-door looks. She’s still smokin’ hot to this very day. Anyway, if you can stomach bad comedy and Penn Jillette being an annoying douchebag (as usual), then give this one a shot.

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