Strangest Dreams AKA Invasion of the Space Preachers 1990

Strangest Dreams AKA Invasion of the Space Preachers 1990

Directed by: Daniel Boyd

Actors: Jim Wolfe, Guy Nelson, Eliska Hahn

Country: USA

Also known as: Invasion of the Space Preachers

Description: Riddled with camp humor, Strangest Dreams is a Troma release about a couple of losers who rent out a mountain chalet to take break from their useless lives. On their drive there, they encounter a crashed spaceship and rescue the alien lying injured beside it who transforms into a sexy naked woman.

Soon enough, the two friends realize that something is wrong with the town and the mystery seems to revolve around a radio evangelist who seems to have the entire town hypnotized. With the town under his control, the wicked Reverend turns his attention to the two losers and their alien friend as a battle ensues among all, including the aliens.

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