Story Of The Eye 2004

Story Of The Eye 2004

Directed by: Andrew Repasky McElhinney

Actors: Melissa Elizabeth Forgione, Querelle Haynes, Kevin Mitchell Martin

Country: USA

Also known as: Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye

Description: Hands down the worst adult film I have ever seen. Based on Bataille’s crazy short story. It’s only resemblance to said short story; The Title. I think the director’s intent was to make a super deep Lynchian adult drama, but it’s just an uberfail. Trance like buzzing permeates the whole film and not a word is spoken or a moan muttered. That’s right – no dialogue at all. Starts off with a guy jerking off while he’s watching 2 naked top hat ladies.

Then some chick walks down a hallway with her a gauze around her head and 2 blood marks where her eyes are…have her eyes been gouged out? No, because she walks into a room and opens a cage to let another lady out, and her bandages are mysteriously gone. They fuck.

Cut to a woman ascending a staircase. Again. And again. Then, yes, again. And probably a few more times after that. (Get it? It’s deep. Always climibing, never reaching your destination…futility and all that shit.) This action frightens her and when she finally reaches the top, she pisses. While she does that, some chick with a huge scar on her stomach masturbates in the corner and cries.

Review: Okay, the sex scenes (read: the entire movie minus one boring staircase walking scene) had been well done, “etcetera, classy”, “artsy”. Having not read the novel yet I had been hoping that there would have simply been more to this movie other than pornography. I knew that the novel had been supposed to be very erotic and unapologetically therefore, but is that all there’s to information technology? Does the novel just narrate a lot of screwing and blow tasks? Here’s how merely this film can be broken straight down, scene-by-scene, without leaving anything out: –Stock footage of a women giving birth while the narrator reads a brief biography about Georges Bataille.

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