Meat Weed America 2007

Meat Weed America 2007

Directed by: Aiden Dillard

Actors: Zahra Divine, Revé Douglas, Saraya Hope, Lloyd Kaufman

Country: USA

Description: Bin Smokin’ flies a miniature airplane into Meatweed Manor down South as revenge for having his foreskin stolen and smoked as a baby by Lord Meatweed. Jessie Bell flees to New York City and tries to become a model but is corrupted by the evil Hempress and Art Dealer. Lord Meatweed must then rally the troops to save Jessie Bell and fight off the Jihottie Terrorists, who Bullpucky hangs from hooks in their skin.

Scream queen Debbie Rochon and Shortbus star Peter Stickles headline director Aiden Dillard’s sequel to his 2006 cult oddity Meat Weed Madness. Meat Weed Manor is under attack by Bin Smokin’, and in order to defeat the notorious terrorist and his devoted band of Jihottie warriors, Lord Meatweed and the gang will have to stand tall and fight back with everything they’ve got.

A similar movie is Meat Weed Madness

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