Ultimate Taboo 1995

Ultimate Taboo 1995

Directed by: Paul Thomas (as Toby Phillips)

Actors: Paul Baumgartner, Starr Connelly, John Doman, Carla Evans, Ginger Lynn, Kim Sill

Country: USA

Also known as: Sexbesessen, El Tabú de modaa


No storyline on imdb

Here’s my take on this flick , the main guy paul has a girlfriend shannon (ginger lynn ) who is a play actress and he has a problem staying faithful , he’s in sex rehab and he meets kim sill aka kim dawson who he starts to have a affair with, ginger lynn is stupid and really loves paul and knows he is cheating on her and says she’s willing for a threesome because deep down she is a freak and the inner pornstar wants to come out , blah blah , sounds awesome right???? it’s not this movie is a mess, not erotic at all , ginger lynn wears clown makeup alot 4 sum odd reason and plus she looks really beat up in this flick not as hot as she was when she was younger , plus you figure it would have alot of nudity but it’s boobs only no full frontal , movie is all drama and not a entertaining one at that

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