Black Snow 1990

Black Snow 1990

Directed by: Frank Patterson

Actors: Jane Badler, Peter Sherayko, Julia Montgomery

Country: USA

Also known as: La preuve par 9 mm, Mavro hioni, Missão Droga


Non-stop excitement stirs in this hard-hitting adventure where deception and murder rule the dark underworld of mobsters who will stop at nothing to find $50 million dollars worth of cocaine!

Our hero, Travis Winslow, is an honest man trapped in the middle of a drug war, deliberately placed in the crossfire by Shelby Collins, a woman as deadly as she is beautiful. After his brother Matt’s death, no one knows the location of the last shipment of cocaine Matt smuggled into America. The cops think Travis has the answer, and so do the two rival crime lords.

When Travis’s daughter, Jennifer, is kidnapped, Travis realizes that he can rely on no one but himself. He races against the clock to find a way to rescue his daughter and save his own life, even if it means becoming as deadly as his enemies

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