Love on the Run 1985

Love on the Run 1985

Directed by: Gus Trikonis

Actors: Stephanie Zimbalist, Alec Baldwin, Constance McCashin, Howard Duff, Madison Mason

Country: USA

Also known as: L’amour en cavale, Der Mörder und die Lady, Amor en la escapada, Pako vapauteen, Rikollista rakkautta, Délit de fuite, Kynigimenoi ap’ to nomo, Menekülő szerelmesek, Glada syndare

Description: Stephanie Zimbalist and Alec Baldwin star in this romantic-thriller which finds an attorney falling in love with her convicted client during intense jailhouse visits. Since her life isn’t that great (she’s meek & mousy, her domineering father has just passed away and her sister and brother-in-law are trying to steal her inheritance), she decides to go on the lam with her dangerous new boyfriend. After escaping, they have to try to keep their identities a secret (with hair dye and a fake mustache) and avoid capture as best they can…but can their tenuous love survive such a tough test? Also featuring guest stars Howard Duff and Ernie Hudson.

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