Scumbag Hustler 2014

Scumbag Hustler 2014

Directed by: Sean Weathers, Aswad Issa

Actors: Delven Adams, Sammy Bassey, Chrystal Claire

Country: USA


Soloman Crow pays a visit to his god fearing, bible quoting, closeted homosexual brother and his sexually repressed wife. He enters their home with a proclamation to kick a drug habit that almost cost him his life. Broke, it doesn’t take Soloman long to start conning and scheming his way around the city to feed his ravenous cravings for dope and sex. Even his brother’s wife isn’t immune to Soloman’s mind games… If you want a hero with redeeming qualities, look somewhere else.

[CONTENT ADVISORY] Includes graphic sex scenes, but is not what you’d call a porno. I really don’t know what to make of this thing, hence me putting it up on here now that the yearlong prohibition has expired.

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9 thoughts on “Scumbag Hustler 2014”

  1. So…unable to watch with firefox so I installed chrome like you suggested above. Click on the link to watch the movie and bam..a virus. Much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Figured it out. Note to anyone using chrome for the first time; make sure you have an adblocker enabled. Lots of malicious popups.

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