To Kill a Killer 2007 Para matar un asesino

To Kill a Killer 2007 Para matar un asesino

Directed by: Ricardo Islas

Actors: Jorge Reynoso, Dominic Capone, Salómon Carmona, Tony De Leon, Pat Germano, Winter Jones

Country: USA

Also known as: Para matar a un asesino


A professional killer is no longer taking orders, deciding to strike up and to retire. He had a family, he loves his wife and small child. Suddenly at him out of one of the former clients, whose daughter was the victim of a serial killer. The destruction of a psychopath — the task assigned to the former assassin.

From this moment begins the hunt for the mad, elusive and vicious criminal. But is it possible to implement his plan, if the hunter and his family become the target of a maniac….

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