Love Kills 1991

Love Kills 1991

Directed by: Brian Grant

Actors: Virginia Madsen, Lenny von Dohlen, Erich Anderson

Country: USA

Also known as: Tödlicher Zweifel, A letto con l’assassino, Dúvida Fatal

Description: In this television thriller, feeling rejected because her husband has been having an affair, beautiful fashion photographer, Rebecca, (Virginia Madsen) gets even by taking a lover: Jonathan Brinkman, a model whom she met during a photo shoot. After a night of sex, Brinkman tells her that her husband, a prominent criminal psychologist, has hired him, a former patient, to kill her. Brinkman also tells her that he has had a change of heart and will protect her. Rebecca’s husband has a different story. He denies that he hired Brinkman to kill her. Rather, he explains, Brinkman is a dangerous, border-line schizophrenic whose case he has documented in a best-selling book. One of them is lying. She must find out who is telling the truth. If she gets it wrong, it could be a fatal mistake.

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