Blackmail 1991

Blackmail 1991

Directed by: Ruben Preuss

Actors: Susan Blakely, Dale Midkiff, Beth Toussaint

Country: USA | Canada

Also known as: Blackmail – Crime e Vingança, Tödliche Affären, Doppio ricatto, Tödliche Affären

Description: Decent thriller , lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending you don’t see coming , not a bad flick to watch on a bored day , movie has a few sexy scenes but only teases the nudity without actually showing any , my guess the only reason this flick got a R , at best now this movie is pg13, anyway guy and his girl have a scam going where he blackmails this older woman( he’s banging her but he acts like he is being blackmailed 2) who’s got a rich husband , but things get complicated when a P.I shows up and wants in on the action, also left in a magic johnson HIV AIDS Promo , enjoy

“The young couple Charlene and Scott have a difficult way to earn good money: the spouse favored by Lucinda, the wife of the rich and very dangerous man. And then Charlene starts to blackmail her. According to the laws of the genre, the game becomes dangerous for the victim first, and then for Blackmailers.”

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