Therese and Isabelle 1968

Therese and Isabelle 1968

Directed by: Radley Metzger

Actors: Essy Persson, Anna Gaël, Barbara Laage

Country: France | USA | Netherlands | West Germany

Also known as: Thérèse en Isabelle, To imerologio mias lesvias, Teresa y Isabel, Thérèse et Isabelle, Therese und Isabell.

Description: Like much of Metzger’s best work, Therese And Isabelle walks the line of erotica and arthouse. It’s not as explicit as many of his later films, but would still get a hard R-rating today. A film about young love and lament, think of it as a 1960’s version of Brokeback Mountain …with hot schoolgirls instead of gay cowboys.
Into the deserted schoolhouse comes a visitor — an adult woman. Wandering through the alleys and the corridors, she remembers the days of his youth spent here. Her name is Teresa), and many years ago her parents sent her here to study. In high school Teresa met Isabel, and they quickly became friends. Sexual experience with a man not brought Teresa satisfaction. Short-term separation from Isabel makes it clear how strongly tied she is to her friend. Girls no longer resist their feelings and enter into an intimate relationship. They swear each other eternal love. But Isabel’s parents picking her up from school, and Teresa will never see her friend.

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