Sorority House Massacre 1986

Sorority House Massacre 1986

Directed by: Carol Frank

Actors: Angela O’Neill, Wendy Martel, Pamela Ross

Country: USA

Also known as: Death House, Massacre, Masakra w domu kobiet, Una lama nella notte, A Casa da Morte

Description: Beth was going to join the women’s student community called “Theta Omega Theta”. But in the Dorm begin to haunt her nightmares and visions about armed with a knife maniac. Using hypnotic experiment, the girls find out that when Beth was little, she lived in the same house. She was the only survivor when her older brother Bobby cut with a knife the whole family.

One day, when the other girls left for the weekend, Beth and her three girlfriends, Linda, Sarah and Tracy, who you decide to invite guys. But they don’t know that Bobby has escaped from a psychiatric hospital…

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