Shotgun Wedding 1963

Shotgun Wedding 1963

Directed by: Boris Petroff

Actors: J. Pat O’Malley, Jenny Maxwell, Valerie Allen, William Schallert

Country: USA

Description: “She wanted a quiet wedding…so her paw put a silencer on his shotgun!”

Ed Wood wrote this film under the name Larry Lee. This film was very, very, very hard to find and its boring to boot. I’ve also added posters and lobby cards. The vhs copy has a hiss to it. If someone can get rid of the hiss please do an reload it. Enjoy (if you can).

“In Flaming Hillbilly Color!”

‘Shotgun Wedding revolves around a young girl named Melanie who is simultaneously trying to marry her boss (who has gotten her pregnant) and steal money from a wedding. Subplots touch upon other couples and schemes, all revolving around various wedding plans’

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