Sex, Secrets & Betrayals 2000

Sex, Secrets & Betrayals 2000

Directed by: Dave Franks

Actors: Nikki Fritz, Daniel Anderson, Angela Nicholas, Jezebelle Bond, Wendy Rice, Alex Ferro, Jonathan Gray, Eddy Romio, Sarah Burress, Shelly Weiss, Jon Briddell

Country: USA

Also Known As: Sexe, secrets et trahisons, Sexo, secretos y traiciones

Description: The film centers around a woman named Maggie. Her husband, Matt, is in a large sum of debt to her ex Carl. After breaking his fingers, Matt goes into hiding while Maggie devises a plan. She convinces Carl to allow her to work off the debt by doing favors for him, from it being sexual to legal matters.

This is one of Nikki Fritz’s best movies in my opinion in it she is the wife of a guy who owes her ex a rather large amount of money. He doesn’t have the money to pay him back so what does the Ex do? He breaks her husbands fingers. This makes the husband go into hiding. In return Nikki makes this plan to convince her ex to let her “Work off” the debt by doing favors for him over the week and weekend. Everything from having sex with him to finding out who is after him in court and who the witnesses are. I think they should have had the camera on Nikki more than they did the lesbian bodyguards didn’t do anything for me they looked too Butch. Other than the lesbian Bodyguards the movie was awesome I prefer one of those Nikki Fritz massages right now. lol anyway my rating for the movie.

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