Challenge of the Tiger 1980

Challenge of the Tiger 1980

Directed by: Bruce Le

Actors: Bruce Le, Jang Lee Hwang, Richard Harrison

Country: Italy, USA, Hong Kong

Also known as: Duelo del Dragon y el Tigre, Die Todesfäuste des Karatetigers, San lung mang tam, La sfida del tigre, Gymkata Killer

Description: Two CIA agents – a kung fu master (Bruce Le) and a suave womanizer (Richard Harrison) – track the stolen formula for a super-sterility drug from Spain to Hong Kong, battling Neo-Nazi terrorists and a Vietnamese spy ring for its possession.

Bruce Le stars in and directs this fairly entertaining Kung Fu action flick in which he and his over sexed, playboy partner (Richard Harrison) undertake an assignment to recover a top secret formula that could potentially render all men on the planet sterile(!) Shock horror! To make matters more complex, the said formula has also aroused the attentions of a number of other unscrupulous parties including a group of communists led by the one and only Hwang Jang Lee.

Cue a plethora of impromptu fights, breasts aplenty (including a truly mesmerizing topless tennis match!), some Bull-Fu(!) and enough testosterone fueled rippling muscle displays to please even a Mr. Olympia adjudicator! Yep, all in all, whilst certainly not a classic by any means, it’s good harmless B-movie fun and well worth watching at least once. ~ IMDB

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