Bikini Bloodbath 2006

Bikini Bloodbath 2006

Directed by: Jonathan Gorman, Thomas Edward Seymour

Actors: Debbie Rochon, Robert Cosgrove Jr, Anna-Karin Eskilsson

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: Jenny with her friends, throwing a party to celebrate the end of school. Soon the holiday is declared insane maniac chef.

Initially, we have available the most outspoken pure modern thrash, filmed exclusively by Amateurs on Amateur camera with the proper work of the operator in the scenery of your own home, garage and surrounding area, without claim of right to issue any cinematic promise, and for one sole purpose — just to laugh at themselves (everything there was plenty of laughing, barely suppressing a smile, saying the text-improvisation) and amuse the viewer. Tools the most unpretentious: silly girls in bikini, who decided to throw a party while the parents are out, they came in a couple of guys-clowns, and the area was declared absolutely not motivated in their actions by a maniac. That’s all. The plot is simple, characters that loudly screamed from fright (guys sometimes to the point of absurdity squeal louder girlfriends), they poured a lot of ketchup, and the murderer was revealed from the crazy chefs who speak French.

Jokes are the most unpretentious, sometimes even reduced to zero, so the songs (composed by the authors of the film) too long to watch on the screen of a typical holiday youth who rigged drink hastily prepared with drinks, dancing, skipping, rolling on the floor, forgetting about the dialogues, but without missing the opportunity to climb into the tub and under the shower.

But do not think that this movie is devoid of its charm, of course, specific completely Amateur, filmed on the enthusiasm, as jokes. There’s a lot of good moments, reminiscent of absurd cartoon. For example, the guys hiding in the house from the killer, and finding a dead girlfriend in the toilet, not too bitter, but soon realizing that when you need to use the bathroom they didn’t work — create a panic! Or locking the door and making sure the Windows are intact, they are waiting for reinforcements because by accident the phone is not working, including all (!) cell time, and, after waiting a few minutes… decide to continue the party, but what else is there to do the company of youth!? And in this spirit will be found a couple of other finds.

Since the duration of timing does not last more than an hour, and everything after that will be mounted Amateur clip, such hastily made-up humoresque almost no time to get bored, however, the lack of a clear scenario significantly and even such miniscule moments of history occasionally SAG from inactivity and campostrini.

If you delve into component slasher with to in the title bloodbath, she definitely kept on props, confined covered in paint, details dummies or artificial stickers-stripes bought in special shops of the drawings.

Overall, the film is very chaotic, where you can criticize the slowness of horror that only towards the climax become saturated, and “theme bikini” derisory in comparison with proven decades fruitful creative American artists similar service, however I would refrain, because there is an illustrative sketch of a self-starter who bought the camera and trying to put more emphasis on the buffoonery. Yes, it’s awkward, Yes very stupid, silly but the overall atmosphere is transmitted, and if all the independent thrash has no problems in terms of satire on entrenched clichés the film industry, he is simply obliged to be frivolous. And Directors got this arrangement of Affairs, forcing a smile. And for followers of the “second cinema”, they have prepared a pleasant surprise, to fit in a tiny couple of funny episodes “Queen of scream” Debbie Rochon (Debbie Rochon). A trifle, but nice, of course, if You are fond of all sorts of trash and learn in the face of well-known personalities such specific directions.

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