The Clamdigger’s Daughter 1974

The Clamdigger’s Daughter 1974

Directed by: Roberta Findlay

Actors: Chris Jordan, Eric Edwards, Trudee Able

Country: USA

Also known as: Young and Innocent


Fans of Roberta Findlay’s work, either her solo porn and scary efforts or ’60s tandem porn films with husband Michael, should be amazed by the technically proficient, instead moving melodrama THE CLAMDIGGER’S DAUGHTER. It is unfortunate that she didn’t continue within this mode.

Unfortunately, the Something crazy DVD-R revival operates 20 moments brief, with scenes lacking and each smooth gender scene cut to ribbons. Print quality (exactly what there is of it) is OK, so this must have been a case of a surviving print having gone through the “Cinema Paradiso” mutilation by unknown projectionists throughout the years.

we discovered Chris Jordan rather going once the hapless heroine Prudence Jasper, stuck in a small brand new England seaport caring for her drunken, disgruntled daddy Clem Jasper. The tale unfolds in the way of a Silent age melodrama, with one expecting Lon Chaney Senior to pop-up at any minute, but Ms. Findlay can make sure there are smooth X (rendered R within the SWV bowdlerized variation) gender scenes from time for you time.

The atmospheric locations, replete with Gothic waves crashing regarding the coast and even the interiors often having gorgeous landscapes showing outside the house windows, are a huge advantage, as well as well-composed shots by d.p. Steve Colwell.

Eric Edwards (Jordan’s real-life spouse) is suitably dashing as Prudence’s kid buddy Jason Hammond, whom desires to flee the limitations of this little city life with her, but is planned to wed socialite Abigail (Kim Pope in another moving performance) rather. His father Capt. Hammond isn’t the expected heinous villain, but in fact misinterpreted by irrationally vengeful Clem.

The star-crossed duo flee briefly to NYC in which Prudence’s step-mom Hilda runs a brothel, and she almost is forced into the life span of a gender slave. Once they return home the melodrama comes complete group with an effective twist ending that once again would be more likely in a circa 1920 movie.

Findlay’s way of her stars is commendable, and an eye-opener considering the broad or even non-acting in many of her various other movies. we saw this movie, with its full-length version, within the late ’70s at a Cleveland drive-in and was hit by its severe tone, rather a comparison to the comedies, activity films and scary movies which had been common triple functions at ozoners in those days. All over same time I caught Chuck Vincent’s Mrs. Barrington and Joe Sarno’s Confessions of a younger American Housewife at drive-ins too, and these three soap operas (all with overlapping casts) ought to be seen as a bunch, representing a short but fascinating diversion from the usual hardcore assignments of these exact same stars and directors into the mid-’70s. Information technology should be noted that all 3 movies had the same cinematographer, Steve Colwell, whom also shot a really romantic serious movie (overlapping cast, too) SUMMER OF LAURA, in this particular period of time -his work is within need of re-examination.

Soundtrack makes great utilization of traditional themes (Beethoven, Bruckner, Debussy, Franck, Tchaikovsky and Bach all receive an unusual credit on-screen) plus sea shanties, because well as “Love Potion #9” played during a striptease world at a local bar.

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