The Suckers 1972

The Suckers 1972

Directed by: Stu Segall

Actors: Richard Smedley, Laurie Rose, Steve Vincent

Country: USA

Also known as: The Suckers

Description of the Suckers movie:Rich and powerful big-game hunter tires of killing and tracking animals, and gets an idea–he will ask the owners of a model agency he knows and two of their models to be visitors on his property for the week-end, and use them as the objects of his latest hunt.

Director Stu Segall, working from a compact script by Harold Lime, relates the familiar, but nonetheless effective and engrossing tale at a snappy rate, makes good use of the remote woodland location, stages the major hunting set piece in exciting and taut way, and doesn’t pull any punches with the harsh sordid tone once the hunt itself begins (for instance, poor Sandy Dempsey as bitter lesbian Joanne gets brutally raped by one of Vandemeer’s sadistic lackeys prior to being stabbed to death with a blade).

Moreover, there’s lots of tasty feminine nudity from a trio of smoking hot women (the delectable Laurie Rose of “The Hot Box” fame in specific is quite the scrumptious sight sans clothing).

Better nonetheless, the soft-core sex scenes are really steamy and pretty explicit, with a Sapphic tub make-out session between Rose and Dempsey rating as the definite erotic highlight.

The cast do competent work in their roles: Vincent has a ball with his juicy villain part, Rose and Dempsey are both appropriately sexy, Richard Smedley is decent sufficient as tough Vietnam veteran Jeff Baxter, and luscious long-haired brunette Barbara Mills contributes a pleasingly testy turn as snarky professional photographer Cindy. Hal Guthu’s no-frills cinematography provides a suitably rough and unpolished appearance. The groovy throbbing score strikes the swinging spot. A nice’n’nasty product.

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