Stacey 1973

Stacey 1973

Directed by: Andy Sidaris

Actors: Anne Randall, Alan Landers, James Westmoreland

Country: USA

Also known as: Stacey and Her Gangbusters, Dulce y peligrosa, La porno detective, Stacey, la detective de las curvas

Description: A 70’s classic of cheesy dialogue, fast cars, tits and squibs.

It is easy to accuse Andy Sidaris for being an inept filmmaker. I can agree that he not exactly is an American counterpart to Ingmar Bergman. But then again I think that his movies, all in the girls-with-guns genre, are pretty good for what they are! Fast-moving action with focus on the female leads figure and over the top shootings. And Sidaris certainly knows how to make a good pacing and cast attractive girls for his pics. His debut film ‘Stacey’ is no exception and great entertainment for everyone with a heart for brainless exploitation and trash cinema. Former Playboy Playmate Anne Randall stars as Stacey Hanson the “Centerfold Private Eye”(a name she have gained by the cops because of her good looks, see?). Randall didn’t have many jobs in films, she should best be known for her part in ‘Westworld’, a shame because she do a sexy and charismatic heroine. Stacey is hired by a creepy old lady to an undercover job as a friend of the lady’s family! The lady mistake that one of her few successors whom all live in the big house with her, to be into some rotten business which make it hard for her to decide who she shall testament her money to! And there is certainly reasons for her suspicions since all of them are a little crooked in some way. Tish(Anitra Ford from ‘The Big Bird Cage) is a shameless nympho who screws the resident’s driver. The driver then again start to blackmail her because he is in money-trouble with the mob! And Pamela is mentally blown in her huge use of drugs and is a little too close to a no-good hippie freak! So yes, there is pretty much to look after, and to make matters worse someone send hit-men out trying to stop Stacey on her investigation! Expect shootings, car chases, campy humor and a good dose of nudity. Stacey drive around in her yellow Corvette, kick ass and get down with her boyfriend now and then. In a scene she gets her shirt ripped off and… She haves a Superman t-shirt underneath! The shootings are all standouts with the high amount of blood. It looks like a one full can of red paint are spurting out of the wounds! A surreal view to behold! Anne Randall is a joy to watch and believable in the action scenes and when she expose her breasts! Also very good is Anitra Ford. She is wonderful sensual and vulgar a la Erica Gavin. Neither she had a wide career in the 70’s but she shines in her short moment! Overall a neat little film that easily can entertain on a rainy Sunday or a night with your buddies and beer! You decide.

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