Toys Are Not for Children 1972

Toys Are Not for Children 1972

Directed by: Stanley H. Brassloff

Stars: Marcia Forbes, Harlan Cary Poe, Evelyn Kingsley

Country: Usa

Also known as: Virgin Dolls

Description: movie is about a young girl with a shrewish, puritanical mother and an absent, whoring father. She becomes unnaturally attached to the toys her father gives her, even taking them to bed with her as a young adult, much to the consternation of her new husband with who she proves decidedly frigid. While her husband seeks solace from other women, the heroine comes upon a unique solution to her frigidity problem–she becomes a prostitute catering exclusively to a strange breed of older men who call her “baby” and insist that she call them “daddy”. All of which leads to a very predictable but nevertheless touchingly tragic encounter with her actual father.

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