Lolita 2000

Lolita 2000

Directed by: Cybil Richards

Actors: Jacqueline Lovell, David Squires and Skylar Nicholas

Country: USA

Also known as: Lolida 2000

Description of Lolida: The young Lolita (Jacqueline Lovell from Caged Bird) flees home to enjoy fully the joys of sex. Beyond that will succeed in saving the Russian deputy minister, by a massive scam, even finding a lover fixed.

This is what softcore is supposed to be. The women are beautiful, the sex scenes are plentiful, and the action stops just short of actual hardcore. My favorites scenes were the prison cell lesbians and the totally gratuitous encounter between the 1950’s lovers in the diner.

Skillfully wielding all the subtleties of a love game, insanely beautiful Lolita wins the men one by one. She admired designers, bankers, ministers … But money and fame do not seduce Lolita, she craves new sexual adventures. All men of the world have eenog.

Review: It took several decades, and the people began to change the spacecraft more than cars, time travel became a commonplace, as interplanetary flights and love joy were outlawed and became more taboo than drugs. In the near future, a young employee of the anti-sex, designed to destroy any material erotic content, discovering the appeal of what was supposed to fight.

By the way, nothing dramatic in the film.

Just the opposite – levity in all and everything.

Lolita because she still flirt in front of which is unable to control himself any bearded biker or a banker. That’s so cheerfully and without straining she lives her days – rejoicing and delighting others.

With the “adult” is not up … Peter Sharbah – the girl is beautiful, sex-role kitties do not try it for the first time (she still remembered me the second part of the comedy Novels “Rimini Rimini”) – but the sex scenes played out in a strange way not human.

A captivating than the film – so it’s atmosphere. Carefree, solar …

Music performed in the spirit of Sabrina and similar pop from the 80s only fuels the whole situation. What’s the title song! Hit! I immediately wanted to find and read.

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