Vampz 2004

Vampz 2004

Directed by: Steve Lustgarten

Actors: Terrence Flack, Terrence Atkins and Richard Azurdia

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: Los Angeles is the feeding ground for the ladies of VAMPZ (the director’s name is Steve Lustgarten, who also filmed American Taboo), who come out at night to prowl the urban sprawl in search of their next meal. When lurking the streets becomes too risky, the four sexy vampire seductresses (Serria Twain, Lamik Blake, Chantal Lashon, and Tawanna Browne) must think of a new way to attract their victims. Setting up a 24-hour massage parlor as a front, the women easily lure in delicious clientele. Everything goes according to plan, with the ladies happily catering to the kinkiest desires of their soon-to-be dinner. But when a young woman on-the-run seeks shelter at their massage parlor, she brings with her a greater danger than the vamps can sink their teeth into.

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