Seed AKA Shocker 2007

Seed AKA Shocker 2007

Directed by: Uwe Boll

Actors: Michael Paré, Will Sanderson and Ralf Moeller

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Max Seed – Asesino serial; Seed: Skazany na smierc; Shocker; Slaktaren

Description: Serial maniac Sam Seed has been sentenced to death by electric chair. “We’ll meet again” – the last words of Seed. When it was failed to kill him with electricity, police tied maniac and buried him alive. Everyone thought that the fear is over. But he came back …

Review: Recently saw the movie. It is surprising but the film did not disappoint, even liked, a good horror movie certainly is not art-house, but not mainstream. The image of the serial killer made ​​good. And yes, there is a plot: Sam Seed little boy burned in a bus, but survives and is faced with indifference, coldness to him no one gave him a helping hand, so Sid killing people no matter who it is he does not care.

What about the other actors – too bad got used to their roles. And because of the hand-held shooting without a tripod movie gets even some atmospheric.

The result came out terrible, stressful, sometimes frightening, sometimes a tight horror film from Uwe Boll, who also filmed a trash movie Zombiegeddon

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