Ginger 1971

Ginger 1971

Directed by: Don Schain

Actors: Cheri Caffaro, Duane Tucker and Herbert Kerr

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: This is the first installment in the Ginger series. For those of you who thought, “Hey, there just aren’t enough tits or handcuffs in those Bond films”, then these are the movies for you.It was obviously shot on a Low budget, so they needed all of the sex and violence that they could throw in. The characters are pretty dull, as is the plot, and the acting sucks, but the director was nice enough to get his wife (Cheri Caffaro) all bound and naked for us.

Review of Ginger film: My, oh my, oh my. Ginger is hot as hell. She does knows how to kill men in the hottest ways. This female James Bond combines straight and lesbian sex, violence and bondage nicely packaged in a box. The 70s fashion does rock the world at that point.
The scene where she turns a man on without touching is a must for those girls. It’s the kinkiest way on how to stimulate your partner. The other scene where she fights with a spy gal is quite a turn on. I just love how girl fight with one another.
Killing a man by strangling him with a belt in 10 seconds is a world record! Haha….but it’s cute. Killing a man while castrating his penis with a piano wire! Priceless! Actually ginger had issues with her ex-bf, that’s why the guy’s being spurned.

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