A Coming Of Angels 1977

A Coming Of Angels 1977

Directed by: Joel Scott

Actors: Lesllie Bovee, Abigail Clayton, Annette Haven, Jamie Gillis, Amber Hunt

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: A Comming of Angels, Prisioneiras do Sexo

Description: The story told in “A Coming Of Angels” concerns Jamie Gillis and his kidnapping/white slavery organization. His accomplices are Amber Hunt and John Leslie. He kidnaps one of our “angels” who are attempting to break up his white slavery ring. Along the way we’re introduced to Jamie Gillis’s methods for training the women for their future masters. His method involves chaining them to the walls and forcing them to strip naked while he watches in a very creepy (and effective) manner. Eventually the captives rebel leading to Jamie Gillis receiving his just punishment.

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