Obsessed 1977

Obsessed 1977

Directed by: Martin & Martin

Actors: Constance Money, Annette Haven, John Leslie

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Blue Obsessions, Anna Obsessed, Anna brûlante de désir, Antava Anna, Anna brûlante de désir


This is without doubt the scariest porn thriller previously made, also much more therefore because of its moral and psychological ramifications which just rise to your surface upon successive viewings. No one linked using this movie, apart from the small but uniformly excellent celebrity cast, seems to have any additional credits to his title, re-enforcing the credence that it was concocted by conventional Hollywood skill “slumming it” in the adult market. Plot and production are way too well-wrought – with special kudos for photography and modifying, together with disquieting, subtle score by “The Avengers” – to be the work of inexperienced first-timers. All these elements that traditionally add to the effectiveness of film-making are superbly applied to twist the screws of tension to the brink of tolerability.

Story kicks off innocuously adequate with the troubled marriage of homemaker Anna Carson (cult goddess Constance Money) which no longer gets pleasure from the lovemaking supplied by hard-working husband David, sympathetically portrayed by a startlingly good looking John Leslie. He claims it isn’t his fault and his overall performance with secretary Susan McBain (star of Chuck Vincent’s underrated VISIONS) appears to help this assertion. Waiting for the train trip residence, Anna meets and befriends photographer Maggie Bronson (the spellbinding Annette Haven) just who offers her the interest she craves. After several of maybe not therefore coincidental encounters, the ladies become fans with Anna pleading for Maggie’s support in wooing back her husband. Meanwhile, there is a murderous rapist piling regarding the victims in the proximity, as regularly ignored radio bulletins hold informing us. Just how this unsavory narrative unit connections in aided by the plot I’ll leave up to potential audiences to find out for themselves. It is simply one even more factor that separates this strange, shocking however undeniably erotic movie from almost all of the porn produced at the time, or certainly since.

Each one of the film’s connections has a minumum of one participant pretending to be one thing he or she actually is blatantly not, leaving the audience to reduce through all of the smoke ‘n’ mirrors to get to the truth. Suggestions are dropped and clues are given yet a few of them prove red-colored herrings. Gender emanates obviously adequate from the tale but just whenever you think you understand exactly where it’s all going, the producers pull out of the rug from under you. Money and Leslie have terrific chemistry, as also evidenced by their work in Bernard Morris’ comparably strange MARY ! MARY !, and this is basically the only motion picture to set the actress who portrayed Radley Metzger’s memorable MISTY BEETHOVEN with all the awesome Annette Haven, possibly the single best porno star of all time. Their particular provided footage actually elicited applause from some noted staunch feminists at a much-publicized testing at the Institute of Advanced Human Sexual Research. Some resources – including the late Bob Rimmer – still appear to doubt the presence of Jamie Gillis within this film. Well, he’s the man with Susan in her stupendously shot dream sequence. A brief but incredibly sensible and therefore difficult to belly rape sequence has apparently been edited out of presently available versions, making a great deal associated with subsequent land twists ludicrous if not incomprehensible.

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