Lustful Feelings 1977

Lustful Feelings 1977

Directed by: Kemal Horulu

Actors: Lesllie Bovee, Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Vieni… vieni con me…, Feelings


His movies are certainly unique and very well made, but in the lengthy run are truly quite average, or sometimes just somewhat above average. Lustful thoughts is a much better than typical Horulu film in terms of its glossy appearance and expert feel, but lacks in the same fundamental attribute that makes almost all of his films simply so-so. That is, information technology doesn’t have enough tale to sustain a full size function.

Leslie Bovee as well as the ever dependable Jamie Gillis are great in the lead roles and both do their best with the old “boyfreind in trouble pimps off unfortunate woman to pay off debts” motif, and although the storyline itself is better handled than most interpretations of it(especially in one of the films last scenes in which Bovees character is killed at the hands of a coked up john),it is nevertheless far to drawn out, nor complex or entertaining sufficient to sustain a complete 90 minute feature, especially one filled with as many l-o-n-g, tedious, and unfortunately far to frequent sex scenes as are contained in this film.

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