Code Name: Raw-Hide 1972

Code Name: Raw-Hide 1972

Directed by: Stephen Lomax, Kendall Stewart (as Ken Stewart)

Actors: Michael Finn, Tony Jane, Jack Moran

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Wunderland der Pornographie, Mot de passe: Sex

Description of Raw-Hide movie:Early softcore X-rated abomination starring Michael Finn, from Russ Meyer’s FASTER PUSSYCAT. An alleged comedy done within the form of an expose, after two inept agents for the PBI – Pornographic Bureau of Investigation – known as Frank and Barney. The PBI Chief is played by Jack Moran, whom had written the scripts for several early Russ Meyer flicks including Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Eliminate! and crazy Gals associated with nude West (!!) yet not with this turkey.

Barney and Frank check out of the dirty criminal activity spots of Hollywood. Lots of great impromptu shots of Hollywood sleazery circa 1971. Observe L.A. ended up being ten occasions smoggier than it’s nowadays. Mousie’s Hot Shoppe is an adult bookstore where in actuality the owner is as much titillated as his consumers by the material on sale. The Travelling House of Pleasure is a door-to-door distribution solution of of Eastern Delights, the Good Time ladies. The representatives move following against the Nature Film company where a questionable movie manager operates. Barney clothes as a female for a casting program, along with his work is also convincing for the lusty Director. Barney and Frank enter the dark Porny Theater to watch prolonged scenes of hairy, rolling nudes in ecstasy. Eventually, it comes down to a fight of this sexes, when Barney battles off the improvements for the notorious intercourse transvestite Peaches LaFemme. The retelling is better than watching it, but this is the sort of “mondo” stuff circulating at the bottom of triple bills at the Pussycat theaters along with other establishments of that type in the freewheelin’ early -70s.

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