The Hood Has Eyez 2007

The Hood Has Eyez 2007

Directed by: Terrence Williams

Actors: Carlos Javier Castillo, Tom Curitore, Jesselynn Desmond, Jamielyn Kane

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: Kimmy is a shy teenager who is desperately trying to fit in with the “it” crowd. She is convinced to attend a ditch party with her preppy “friends.” On their way to the party the preppy teens accidentally hit a woman. They attempt to hide the body but are caught by a group of gangsters. The teens are subsequently assaulted and tortured. Kimmy is violently raped, humiliated and left for dead by the group of degenerate gangsters. In her now demented, psychotic state, Kimmy begins to seek revenge on the gangsters one by one.

Anal raping, used tampon sucking, golden showering, dirty sanchez giving, broken glass penetrating, penis castrating, fetus aborting, and more. The film is effective in that you want to keep watching to see what they’ll do next and just how far they’ll go. The Hood Has Eyez is a tale of twisted torture from the sick mind of director/writer Terrence Williams, who also filmed another rape/torture/gore flick – Horno

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