Raw Justice 1994

Raw Justice 1994

Directed by: David A. Prior

Actors: David Keith, Robert Hays, Pamela Anderson

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Strip girl la ravageuse, Good Cop Bad Cop, Desejo Fatal, Tripla Infernal, Corrupção E Morte

Description of Raw Justice movie: To investigate the murder of the mayor’s daughter secretly hires ex-cop Mike. Quest leads him to the office of mayor. But when Mike discovered almost criminal, it starts chasing police.

Having survived a hail of bullets, Mike and his friends Mitch and Sayre finish with a sophisticated criminal.

Lots of nakedness and cheezy action! You could but why would you ask for more?

Great review from IMDB individual pretty a lot sums it up:

Enjoyable movie, if you turn your brain down for a half and hour.

Completely unlikely plot which is simply held together by David Keith’s obvious disdain for the script and Stacey Keach over-acting unashamedly. Robert Hay’s spends the entire movie waiting to be told Airplane 3 is in Pammy and pre-production is here to whip her kit off at a times notice.

Which brings us to the sex scenes (as there seems to be no other explanation for this movie to have been made!) The one she has with Robert Hays is at least plausible, despite the proven fact that he is portrayed as the ultimate loser with women throughout the film. There is an effort to build a relationship between the two, in a minumum of one scene anyhow! Nonetheless, Ted Striker in a love scene is among the many surreal sights I’ve ever found in the films.

The scene with David Keith nevertheless is unbelievable! One moment they’re arguing outside a club, next they’re in a car chase being shot at, lastly they end up in a deserted warehouse making their crashed car in complete view outside of the necessary passing ‘bad guy’. Obviously this circumstance calls for a sex scene!! Albeit a well-shot seemingly one take scene. Kudos to the director for that one!

Best line? Keith before acquiring it on with Pammy : “If you don’t keep peaceful we’re going to die”. Hmm, maybe stripping her naked and proceeding to have rather crude sex with her isn’t the best concept then?? lol

Like I state its fun, but eventually there’s so many mistakes and just rank bad acting from the support cast that it loses some of its B-movie appeal due to that.

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