Under Still Waters 2008

Under Still Waters 2008

Directed by: Carloyn Miller

Actors: Lake Bell, Jason Biondo, Jason Clarke

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: A Teia da Mentira, Under Still Waters, A Teia da Mentira

Description: A young, wealthy woman and her husband loser take a last attempt to save the crumbling marriage. Steam is sent to the weekend in the estate of her parents situated on the shore of the lake. On the road, on their way suddenly the motorcyclist, which causes them to leave, but soon it will come up in their lives and changes its not the best…

Acting worthy of praise. Clifton Collins Jr especially pleased. And it’s not what it looks like (although I like him very much), but in the emotional plan: the expression, the unpredictability of doing his role is especially interesting. These qualities like are put in contrast to the passive life of the spouses. Jake rushes into their life, carrying with it a change. It is difficult to argue with this: do you have many friends, whom you almost knocked?

The only thing left for me is not understandable is the motive. Why? What is the purpose of the husband did it? What benefits pursued? What is called “far-fetched”. This is one small minus, which did not affect the overall impression of the film, because he looks in one breath. Until the end of the intrigue remains: will result in that it is a new acquaintance? Interchange unexpected, and on the American tradition, at the end we expect… No, this is a review, not to deprive of people of pleasure to enjoy the ignorance.

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