Night of the Archer 1994

Night of the Archer 1994

Directed by: Paul Nicholas

Actors: Vladimir Oktavec, Avital Dicker, Barbara Carrera

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Don’t Hurt Me!, Die Nacht des Killers, I nyhta tou toxoti

Description:On the run from Vegas mobsters greasy biker Travis has ended up in an unnamed eastern European country but those persistent bastards have caught up with him again! So Travis enters himself in a local archery competition in the hopes of either winning first place or ripping off the wealthy family that’s putting up the prize money. Trouble is this particular family makes the Addams’ seem reasonable by comparison. Daddy is retired mobster Joe Bologna with a live in love slave that doubles as his secretary. Mommy is a stuck up Barbara Carrera who can’t stand her hubby and prefers to spend her days frolicking with her lesbian companion Sandahl Bergman. Stepdaughter number one is a ballbusting american businesswoman who’s steely heart might be thawed by a bit of rough like Travis and stepdaughter number two is a eurotrash blue-blood, expert archer, womanchild with a history of abuse that’s left her nuttier than squirrel shit – so of course she takes a liking to Travis as well. As you can imagine it’s not long before people start getting bumped off left and right with Travis the obvious suspect for the police……

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