Dance with Death 1992

Dance with Death 1992

Directed by: Charles Philip Moore

Actors: Maxwell Caulfield, Barbara Alyn Woods, Martin Mull

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Tanz mit dem Tod

Description: There’s hot activity both on and off the stage at the Bottoms Up Club in L.A. One-by-one their sexiest, steamiest strippers are being gruesomely murdered, and no one seems to worry, except for reporter Kelly Crosby. Kelly persuades her editor to allow her go undercover as a stripper hoping to expose the murderer. She becomes ‘Dominique’, and it is employed to dance nude at the Bottoms Up by unscrupulous owner Art (Martin Mull). But as the list of candidates grows much longer, so does the list of victims. Kelly may be getting closer to the killer, but getting too close could show fatal as she risks her life to expose the liquidator in a lethal Dance With Death.

Review: I am not sure how it happened, but virtually every member of this cast ended up on television multiple times. Martin Mull (Rosanne, Sabrina), Barbara Alyn Woods (Honey, I shrunk the kids), Micheal McDonald (Mad TV), Jill Pierce (Baywatch), even Lisa Kudrow. And here they all are in a dead stripper movie. The acting is okay, but the writing is awful. For some reason at the end it morphs into a strange Friday the 13th mode. Lets see, first she slams him in the head with a 2×4, then she stabs him, whacks him with a lead pipe, and finally sets him on fire. I think Jason had to go through at least a couple of movies before he took that much abuse. Worth watching only to see Martin Mull as the manager of a strip club. 3 stars.

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