Black Magic Woman 1991

Black Magic Woman 1991

Directed by: Deryn Warren

Actors: Apollonia Kotero, Mark Hamill, Stella Pacific

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Seducido por el diablo, Paixão Satânica, Tuhon oma, Liaison maléfique, Magiczna zadza, Crna magična žena


Brad – co-owner of the trendy art galleries, his girlfriend Diana is a partner in the business. They are in love with each other, but on the opening day of young artists brad meets exotic fatal beauty, Cassandra and enters it in a love relationship.

When woman finds out about this, brad decides to terminate its relationship with Cassandra and to return to his family.” And it turns out with Diane victim of a very strange disease. After unsuccessful talks with the many doctors brad, on the advice of his Housewives-Spanish examined by a doctor of Santos, which makes the conclusion that the cause of the disease is black magic.

After the brutal murder of Housewives and Dr. Santos with brad leaves no doubt that Cassandra – witch, and in order to break the curse need to destroy it. But the end of this story leaves room for doubt…

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