Muffy the Vampire Slayer 1999

Muffy the Vampire Slayer 1999

Directed by: Mario Cimadevilla

Actors: Hannah Coleman, Lucy Gresty, Louise Hodges and Delphine Lavelle

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Caress of the Vampire 3: Lust of the Nightstalker

Description: Belatedly reissued in 2005 as MUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, this is a vintage example of the sloppy soft porn made for the NJ label that became Seduction Cinema. Kathy is an undercover cop working with John to track down some vampire ladies from outer space (the plot is clumsy voice-over). What the short (52-minute) video consists of is softcore sex scenes featuring full frontal nudity. In retrospect, this is what the fans of Seduction Cinema ultimately opted for -appreciating the distrib’s earliest stuff, and losing interest in recent years as toned down (towards R ratings) spoofs replaced the more uninhibited fare. Prostitutes are being murdered, giving the video the combination of sex and a modicum of violence.

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