Mirage 1995

Mirage 1995

Directed by: Paul Williams

Actors: James Andronica, Cuauhtemoc Rivas, Edward James

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Die perfekte Täuschung, Mirage – Trugbild des Todes, Batsos se plektani, Miragem, Iluzia iubirii

Description of Mirage movie: Matteo Juarez left the police after he killed during the arrest of the criminal sixteen year old girl . Alcohol was the only way to blunt the pain . His old friend and colleague , Lieutenant , invites him for subsequent wife of a wealthy philanthropist , all the money to invest in environmental protection.

The fact that this beautiful woman and a split personality during attacks gets in life-threatening situations . Forgetting the bottle, he starts spying and falls in love with her. If he could have known that would be the only figure in the bargaining game with high stakes .

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