Wicked 1998

Wicked 1998

Directed by: Michael Steinberg

Actors: Julia Stiles, Louise Myrback and William R. Moses

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Bad Girl – Mord ist keine Lösung; Diabólica; Gonosz; Mundo Perverso; Perversión; The Second Wife; Vilaine; Wicked – familjehemligheter; Wicked – perhesalaisuuksia

Description of the Wicked movie: The violent death of Karen, the wife of Ben and mother of two charming girls forced the police to closely look at the life of this prosperous at first glance family and her friends.

The further dealing with the case detective is progressing in his research, the wider the circle of suspects and the mushrooming of shocking things.

For example, 14-year-old Ellie explicitly behaves with my dad does not like obedient daughter, and how… passionate mistress! And the neighbors all obviously have something to hide.

And when the tangle of puzzles, in which hid the grain of truth will be solved, this truth will horrify even the most insensitive hearts!

Even if you’re not a member of the cult of Stiles, we still have a film here that essentially straddles the line between unhealthy Electra complex and incest. Indulge your prurient interests with some tasteful trash. Also starring William R. Moses, who played in the movie Fun

Review: It was in the movie “Wicked” (after all, the original name of “Wicked” is more appropriate), budding actress Julia Stiles has played her first, and a really bright star role. Perhaps, in the first place and this picture is remarkable. Stiles went perfectly to the image of precocious nymphet insidious and sophisticated, able to easily eliminate standing in her way, and barriers to seduce the weak-willed father.

The rest is not boring and very cute, but not particularly outstanding thriller with some interesting moments and a bit wacky tricks at the end. Those who have taken to heart “Passion” with Alicia Silverstone, for example, or the recent “Children of Darkness”, a film directed by Steinberg probably enjoy it.

And yes, with the slogan «Evil Never Looked So Good» hard to disagree.

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