Jamon Jamon 1992

Jamon Jamon 1992

Directed by: Bigas Luna

Actors: Penélope Cruz, Stefania Sandrelli, Anna Galiena, Juan Diego

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Jamón jamón, Ham Ham, A Tale of Ham and Passion

Description: Young man’s mother, Jose does not want his marriage with Sylvia – daughter of the town whore. By the true mother does not know that Sylvia is pregnant from her son. And when he finds out about this, then she hires a young handsome Raoul, who works at a sausage stock and wants to be a bullfighter. Sylvia, by her plan, has to fall in love with him, and the opponent – her son would be superfluous. But things take a completely unpredictable turn and lead to surprising consequences for all.

Review: The film “Jamon, Jamon” – he is a funny and sad at the same time. It’s complicated and simple, and all over the ham and garlic. It has some sparkle, which gave him the acting was not yet known Bardem and Cruz. Filmed by director of Poodle and Ages of Lulu movies.

It would seem a very dramatic story, but the characters themselves are so comical and stereotypical in nature, that of getting ridiculous. A good example is in the film they have names, but in the credits indicated quite different … Why? Because it is a walking stereotype. On the Spanish scene: a typical prostitute, a typical rich man, it is a typical wife, intrigante bitch, their typical gutless sissy, a typical country boy-board zhruschy ham and playing naked in a typical bullfight and beautiful young woman, forced to look for happiness in marriage to a man and having no other way to climb out of the mud.

Brazilian TV series, really. But looks with a smile on his face and without stress or desire off. Even the sad final scene will not make or pogrustnet cry, it will make a farce to think about our lives.

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