Three Way 2004

Three Way 2004

Directed by: Scott Ziehl

Actors: Dominic Purcell, Joy Bryant, Ali Larter

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: 3 Caminhos, Kidnapping, Mentiras peligrosas

Description: Three Way was directed by Scott Ziehl – the filmmaker of Demon Hunter

Ah, the perfect plan … They like government and advertising – they both can not be trusted! Even if at first glance it looks nice and reliable as the freshly printed dollar.

It is a pity that human’s greed constantly makes us to forget this simple rule. How forgotten hero of the film, a guy with a dark past, overheard the plan of kidnapping for ransom and decided on a rapid “cut some money” on someone else’s idea by ​​substituting its authors.

Proud of his cunning, the hero did not realize one thing: stealing someones song, be ready to dance under someones tube. And anyone who thinks that he is the master can become a marrionette.

Review: For the first time saw the movie Three Way a few years ago on the night air channel 1. I remember a pretty good set by frank sex scenes, as well as an endless supply of Heineken in the “apartment” of the hero: the so-called. “Plegiat placement” is clearly succeeded in this film. The picture is slightly gives a kind of country spirit and, although filmed in the year 2004, somehow reminiscent of the good old movies with Clint Eastwood. The main characters of the film, in terms of financial wealth, it can be attributed to the lower class of American society – people of the past, for example, having a drive to the police and a business of odd jobs, but they have not lost hope for a better life, so they led by either the “American dream”, or rely on “Russian free” …

Big minus this film (as well as all the other similar in this respect): the main character – a man with an athletic physique, while never seen without a cigarette in his hand … Marlboro bad role model … However, all this is quite romantic, it is recognized.

Three way put the book Wild to possess … It is assumed that the author of the work with the complete name of the speaker was a mission to provide a deeper problem of human greed, greed, and other things having to do with this. However, the film adaptation of the recipient leaves almost indifferent to such sensitive issues – as a result, after watching the film, we only sees nedolgoigrayuschee “wow” … Alas, tomorrow you will not remember this movie.

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