All the Boys Love Mandy Lane 2006

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane 2006

Directed by: Jonathan Levine

Actors: Amber Heard, Anson Mount, Whitney Able and Michael Welch

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Ecos en la oscuridad, Seducción mortal, Tous les garçons aiment Mandy Lane, Vahset partisi

Description: Sixteen year old Mandy Lane – angel in the flesh. In her are hopelessly in love all men and boys in small town in Texas. When, usually preferring seclusion, beautiful Mandy reluctantly agrees to accompany her new friends to spend the weekends together, no one could predict what the outcome of this trip, flavored with alcohol, drugs and violent adolescent temperament …

Review: The introductory part thriller, the plot of which is wrapped in the adoration of all Mandy Lane, is intriguing. Normal couple of heroes in the face of unassailable girls dream and a notorious guy quickly acquires an aura of mystery: the beauty Mandy becomes fatal, and look bleary-eyed from Bang Emmett rid of another boyfriend of her best friend, becomes a dangerous shape. But an unhealthy aura around the girl did not bother her new friends, and they invited her for a weekend out of town.

Company for the weekend is going to quite a standard – each character can be taken apart to pieces, having behind him, even a small luggage otsmotrennyh youth thrillers, until prediction of how each individual behaves in a difficult situation. Then starts the plot, made in accordance with the rules of the genre. However, surprisingly banal moments embellished little peculiar features. For example, Red and Chloe, completely unable to understand their feelings, suddenly find themselves in this situation is not the most suitable, but still find it. Or the fact that the killer opened almost immediately – an unusual decision for a thriller.

If we talk about the actors, it is particularly pleased with the ones they love Mandy Lane, that is, male component: Michael Welch interesting (not to know him as amoebic character from “Twilight”), Luke Grimes as a guy with a big smile in the role of handsome, Edwin Hodge, Aaron Himelshtayn. Well, we should mention Anson Mount – courageous, wise, seemingly quite capable to stop the killer. Amber Heard, the heroine of which is compressed around the ring events, good, really. To place came slow-ups of large, concentrated on unusual emotion, as if trying to discover the characters thoughts.

Of beauty – Mandy Lane, in the mud, among the corpses of cows – a meaningful gesture directed by Jonathan Levine. And the final song Sealed with a kiss sounds to match the scene – cynical. Everyone wanted to be like others, resulting in them was only one that just being myself from start to finish. But there is no certainty that it will remain so on …

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