TNT Jackson 1974

TNT Jackson 1974

Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago

Actors: Jeannie Bell, Stan Shaw, Pat Anderson, Ken Metcalfe and Chiquito

Language: English | Filipino | Tagalog

Country: USA | Philippines

Also known as: Dynamite Jackson, Dynamite Wong and TNT Jackson

Description: This is a fun low budget Santiago (director of Firecracker and Vampire Hookers) romp, so you know what to expect. That’s right, a bunch of hot ladies in the Philippines takin’ it to the man. I find Santiago’s filmography to be very empowering for women and this film is no exception. Unlike many of his contemporary feminist thinkers, however, Santiago has a truly remarkable understanding of the feminine psyche and physiology. For example, most individuals involved in gender studies were unaware that titties provide necessary additional inertia when facing a room full of aggressors. Therefore, kung fu should be performed sans blouse and bra and preferably in the dark. It’s little details like these that separate your garden variety feminist director like Jane Arden from a feminist heavyweight like Santiago.

Anyway, Playboy Playmate Jeannie Bell is TNT Jackson. Her brother was killed by some drug dealers. It’s up to her, and her sidekick Dynamite Wong, to find the killers and avenge his death. Roundhouse kicks to the face ensue. That’s pretty much it. Also there’s a subplot about some drug dealers and stuff. But I’m not really looking for plots and subplots. I came for the bad kung fu and stayed for the titties.

Here’s what you get:

Topless Kung Fu
Drug Dealers
Crane Stance
Toomer Smalls as Master of Tube Snake Style
Secret Agents
Roundhouse Kicks to the Face
Death By Steel Fingered Punch of Mutherfuckin’ Death

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