Criminal Passion 1994 Angel of Desire

Criminal Passion 1994 Angel of Desire

Directed by: Donna Deitch

Actors: Joan Severance, Tony Denison , John Allen Nelson

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:Anjo do Desejo , Am Abgrund der Nacht , L’ange du désir , Angel of Desire , Ángel del deseo , Förföljd

Description: Joan Severance (Payback and Last Sunset) is investigating the murder of a famous dancer’s fifth victim unknown maniac. Suspicion falls on a talented architect of a man known for his success with women. Do not resist its charm, it shall enter into relationship with him that no good, of course, has not led.

Review: What you need to trust? Melanie Hudson, a police officer of Los Angeles, alone on the trail of a serial killer who cuts the throat of beautiful women just after they made ​​love. Melanie is independent and curious, she patrols the streets at night. Her partner on the job, the former lover, Nathan, who still loves her. Their prime suspect is Connor Ashcroft, the playboy son of a U.S. senator. After interviewing the ex-girlfriends Connor suspects shrinks. The investigation shows that Connor was innocent. He starts to take care of Melanie. Nathan is jealous and worried about Melanie, he is confident that the killer Connor. Melanie who to trust?

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