A Gun for Jennifer 1997

A Gun for Jennifer 1997

Directed by: Todd Morris

Actors: Deborah Twiss, Benja Kay, Rene Alberta, Tracy Dillon, Freida Hoops

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: This film is a ruthless action with women… raped women. Uncompromising and heavy. Tells the story of a gang of female and their crusade of vengeance against the oppressors, which turns into a maniacal war with all men.

Review: In a dark alley by newcomers woman “Jennifer” attacked by two violent nocturnal inhabitants. Covering her mouth, that she had not cried one of them immediately began to rape this frightened person. But here in the darkness beside least aggressive group of ladies … and life interrupted rapists, and life “Jennifer” has changed in a brutal way!

In the “dirty” areas there are many contenders for the gelding, these women do not take revenge, they develop a hatred, and send it to the men! Violence begets violence, filth kill mud! The film does not carry any special meaning, the movie is pretty simple, and fans like “Trash” hardly rate this movie! Starring Tracy Dillon, who also filmed in the movie Lord of the Vampires

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