The Midnight Hour 2001

The Midnight Hour 2001

Directed by: Emmanuel Itier

Actors: Amber Smith, Byron Bay, L. Clyde Irvine

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:Tell Me No Lies, In the Midnight Hour, Radio Talk – Verführung um Mitternacht

Description: Alex Sheppard, a college pupil who hosts a late-night talk show on the campus radio place, finds by herself in dire straits whenever she enrolls in the school her just murdered sis attended in order to monitor down the slayer. Minimal does Alex know the killer, a listener of her talk show, soon discovers her connection to her murdered sis. Soon, Alex finds by herself in the middle of a university killing spree, as well as the killer’s next potential target.

Review: Yes folks, this is a bottom of the barrel Boobie-Movie (IMDB rating of 2.9) so bad that reviewers have provided comments like “Amazingly Awful,” “Pretty Stupid Movie,” “Bad. Really Bad,” “Pretty much worthless supposed thriller,” and–my personal favorite: “This Movie Was Silicone Enhanced.”

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