Illegal in Blue 1995

Illegal in Blue 1995

Directed by: Stu Segall

Actors: Stacey Dash , Dan Gauthier , Louis Giambalovo , Trevor Goddard

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Camino de corrupción

Description of Illegal in Blue movie:Lost in a personal vacation police Chris Morgan (he gave evidence to the Department of internal investigations about corruption of their fellow was awarded OK. 400 000 dollars!), he met with singer from the bar Keri Truitt, which, as it appears, is implicated in the murder of her own husband a millionaire. Detective action of the film unfolds on the background of relations Chris and his “passed” colleagues at work (They seek by any means to catch Chris in laid trap) and conscientiously punctuated bedding scenes. Filmed by director of Penelope’s Education movie

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