Private Lessons 1981

Private Lessons 1981

Directed by: Alan Myerson

Actors: Sylvia Kristel, Howard Hesseman, Eric Brown, Meridith Baer

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Devoirs de vacances, Zärtlich fängt die Liebe an, Lezioni maliziose, La primera lección

Description: Observe this dialogue;

“Philly if you want to watch me undress so badly you should have told me.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, do you want to watch me undress?”

What will you guys react if a damned seductive MILF says this to you? What will you do? I have been waiting for these moments but it never happen! The storyline sucks! What the hack! Don’t look at it; just appreciate the beauty of the seduction here. Many negative feedbacks for this film but I think they are just jealous of not getting the French MILF. The boy is actually underage during filming. He must have a hell of a time acting here.

If these kind of movies which fancies on adult/child affair were to be made today, I doubt it will be legally allowed.

By the way. there is another incest drama with the same title Private Lessons made in 1975

Review: Was first introduced to this piece, when I was the same age as the main character in this film. However, it was a book, not the movie, which I found on some old CD. Frankly, if my attention this story has captured the first chapter. I read it, as they say, in one breath in just 2 days. I am very much worried about the main character, because he was my age. Many times thought about how I would have acted in his place in a particular situation. In general, the book left a lot of disturbing adolescent imagination thoughts …

And now, after 10 years. I learned that there is also a movie with the same title. I wonder which came first: the book or movie? Most of the film. But this is not so important. The important thing is that this movie made me nostalgically recall their teenage years, when we were as young and naive, like Philly with a friend. But at the same time and purer soul … Anyway, in those teenage years life presents us his first lessons of love that makes us older. Not so much by age as by the nature …

The acting was pretty mediocre. And if the actors adolescent is also possible to forgive, the adult actors praise this circumstance does not. The feelings I experienced after reading the product 10 years ago, of course not. Maybe by the fact that the book was written better, and perhaps by the fact that over the years the soul romanticism became much less …

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