Night Child AKA Diabolica malicia 1972

Night Child AKA Diabolica malicia 1972

Directed by: James Kelley, Andrea Bianchi

Actors: Mark Lester, Britt Ekland Hardy Krüger, Lilli Palmer

Language: English | Italian

Country: Spain | UK | Italy | USA | West Germany

Also known as: Night Child, Child of the Night, What the Peeper Saw

Description: Writer and widower Paul (Hardy Krüger from Nun of Monza) takes in his gloomy house his new bride (Britt Ekland from Satan’s Mistress), who soon notices that with his 12-year-old son Marcus is something wrong. Gloomy and unsociable, he eventually begins to frighten her. Her fear is amplified when she learns about the mysterious circumstances of the death of the former wife of Paul.

Review: The plot of the film is based on the confrontation of Eliza, a young bride successful writer, and her future stepson Marcus, whose mother has recently died under mysterious circumstances. Adopting clear sexual interest of the overly-developed teenager to her humble person, for threatening, Eliza tries to find the cause of the death of his predecessor. And more and more convinced that the death was not a random one. And as for her future husband is in the clear, she assigns blame the boy. Writer attempts to appease his fiancee lead nowhere, she finds more and more evidence against Marcus in conversations with school teachers, a psychiatrist, his mother Sarah died …

According to the authors of the film, paranoia, in which everything is sinking deeper and deeper into the mind of Eliza, with her had to sink and the audience, ranging from the start of each “rustling and creaking,” rang out in the big house and lonely writer. But this is not happening – too unconvincing Ms. Eklund in this too complicated for her role. Of course, the interest is easy – is it really reasonable suspicion heroine of the movie, or were they the product of her sick imagination. But it ambition authors clearly goes far beyond the banal detective. Actually, about as loud screams and a final picture. Only here did not work with these ambitions. Curious “Night Child” can be called, but no more …

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