Please Don’t Eat My Mother 1973

Please Don’t Eat My Mother 1973

Directed by: Carl Monson

Actors: Buck Kartalian, Lynn Lundgren, Art Hedberg

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Please Release My Mother, Sexpot Swingers, Parakalo, min trote… tin mama mou!, Please Not My Mother

Description: Young man Henry Fudd , returning home , hears coming from the flower shop a strange noise . In the store , Henry discovers a small plant that is the source of such strong sounds. Henry decides to buy an unusual flower. He brings it home and hides in the bathroom of his curious mother Clarisse . Soon the young man’s life begins to change in an unexpected direction .

Strange plant insinuating feminine voice convinces Henry did not feed it water and fertilizer , and meat. Gradually increases appetite plants in proportion to its size . Soon the plant is not satisfied with the flies , beetles , frogs and pets. And after Henry’s mother eats the flower , he wakes extraordinary taste for female flesh . Henry did not have anything else like bringing home young blondes and feed their voracious flower …

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