Crystal Force 2: Dark Angel 1994

Crystal Force 2: Dark Angel 1994

Directed by: James MacKinnon

Actors: Paul Brewster, Chris Zawalki, Betsy Gardner

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Crystal Force 2,

Description:This is the little known sequel to Crystal Force 1990, part of the SA project. Though there is not a lot of mention of the whole crystal thing until the end. Hope that doesn’t spoil it for you.

Absolute crap, but a fearsome gem in the erotic horror genre. There’s so much useless dialogue, but it’s worth downloading for the weird porn scenes. And it’s quite entertaining if you’re into shitly made horror. Especially with erotica. I’m pretty sure most of the users here are.

It should be noted that, according to IMDB, the director of this film, James MacKinnon, is an extremely accomplished make-up artist, involved in some of the most famous and interesting tv shows. It’s his only directing and producing role, and he acts as the Beast in Crystal Force 2 (and as Rufus Rabbit, that well-known character from Beverly Hills Cop 3). I hope that’s accurate. This is also the only film by the writer, Patrick Quinn, who has a role in the film as the Doctor.

It was made on bad cameras with bad film on a low budget, but this one is ‘digitally remastered’ enough to make it watchable. Hope you enjoy.

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